ProScan Personality Styles Surveys

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Designing Organizational Synergy using the PDP System

Before you can begin imbuing your managers with higher-level leadership responsibilities, how can you tell if you’ve got the right people on the bus, sitting in the right seat? You can create a recipe for disaster through a well-intentioned but misplaced hire or promotion. Once promoted, the only way to correct the situation usually involves losing that top employee who had been performing very effectively before the role change.

Even if you are confident you have the right players, is there a way to determine if they will be able to work together synergistically?
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Understand What Makes People Tick

Understanding the strengths within your teams and what motivates each person can help you create an environment that is less stressed and has more energy and greater morale. When your team experiences better internal connection, productivity, retention, and job success naturally follow. ProScan is your tool for discovering the specific ways your individual team members operate – motivators, stressors, satisfaction, communication style, logic, strengths and more.
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Build a Dynamic and Effective Team

Increase productivity and success by empowering your teams with an understanding of their unique group dynamic. Knowing productivity levels and work styles, energy levels, communication styles, and points-of-view will help everyone engage more effectively. Higher engagement means more productive departments and divisions that build a vibrant workplace. This is how the business of your business gets accomplished.
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Choose the Right Person for the Job

Your organization operates best when the right people are in the right positions and are doing the right things. Instead of using generic industry standards, stereotypical benchmarks, or a competitor’s culture, you can generate a more accurate representation of the type of person you need for your company’s ultimate success. JobScan makes it possible to attract applicants with the right traits and skills so you hire successfully, decrease turnover, and maintain high job satisfaction across your teams.

Understanding What Makes People Tick
The ProScan personality styles survey focuses on strengths and motivators, to help employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale. ProScan is a non-threatening, quick, easy, and reliable survey tool that is one of the most advanced instruments available. The survey examines combinations of specific traits that affect how the person works most effectively and reacts under stress.

PDP is based on extensive research, case studies and a field norming currently over 5 million on the working well workforce population.

People focused, data driven
The PDP Integrated Management System is a proven program, making the business of people management more effective, scientific, and predictable. The core of PDP is the ProScan Survey and its resulting comprehensive reporting. In less than 10 minutes, individuals mark to what degree they believe 60 different descriptors match their characteristics and how they believe others perceive them. The data is then analyzed by the PDP proprietary online application, generating complete, easily-interpreted reports for individuals and executives. From there, the PDP Management System, including JobScan and TeamScan, is applied and implemented.
The ROI for Professional Dynametrics Programs (PDP) systems is substantial.
Companies who harness the power of morale, effective communications, and positive team dynamics are more efficient, productive and profitable. From the first interaction to the last work-group session, PDP systems help everyone engage better and take pride in their role at your company.
PDP ProScan Survey Personality Model
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The ProScan survey provides:
  • Insight and feedback about how you function most naturally.
  • Measurement of the gap between your natural styles and how you feel others expect you to perform.
  • Insight into how you are predictably coming across to others.
The ProScan survey does not provide:
  • Insight into your values, moral code or ethics that guide our decisions and behaviors, despite natural personality styles.
  • It is not a 360° evaluation, so it does not provide insight into how others perceive you.
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PDP PowerApps

Increase Overall Effectiveness

Take the value of PDP reports to the next level with workshops. Through Power Applications (PowerApp) your people learn to value and understand the traits and styles of their co-workers in a flexible and efficient workshop setting. Improve teamwork and communication while decreasing workplace stress. PowerApp workshops remove the trouble of having to develop your own resources or training sessions. You gain full access to an assortment of resources to immediately implement the workshops you need. PowerApp licenses include facilitator guides, workbooks, PDP reports, and instructions for interactive learning which can be utilized in a single session or multiple sessions.

PDP Training and Certification

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Life Changing Learning

The Certified PDP Administrator course is designed for individuals of client organizations to participate in a rich learning environment of people dynamics and management systems. The focus is on building a foundation of PDP knowledge and equipping you to apply processes in-house when you return to your organization.

Certification Goals
  • Learn PDP’s guiding principles and philosophies
  • Understand the metrics and meaning of behavior
  • Administer the various survey tools
  • Interpret report results
  • Apply the management concepts and processes

Interactive Learning
  • Interpreting and discussing ProScan® reports, and using the information to develop improvements and solutions
  • Developing job model profiles for any position in the organization, and interviewing and selecting the best people to “fit” positions
  • Practicing skills in team planning, defining roles and responsibilities, learning what to expect from team members, enhancing communication
  • Leading people to achieve personal success and satisfaction
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EEOC Applause
PDP Certification follows EEOC policy: "Employers should ensure that tests and selection procedures are not adopted casually by managers who know little about these processes. A test or selection procedure can be an effective management tool, but no test or selection procedure should be implemented without an understanding of its effectiveness and limitations for the organization, its appropriateness for a specific job, and whether it can be appropriately administered and scored.”

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