About Us

About Us

Victorio Consulting is a family business, established in 2001. Change and the art of being in change has always fascinated us. For 25 years, as the improv comedy duo of Victorio and Mann, Ricci and Raymond Victorio focused their curiosity onstage to develop a unique training approach for ensemble-based improvisational theater. They founded Creative Agility, leading Applied Improvisation workshops & retreats for professionals to enhance creativity, intuition and connection with others. Having grown up in the business, Natalie formally joined the team in 2009 and contributes in leading candidate recruiting, leadership training and assessment programs. 

In 1994, Ricci started to work with organizations and family businesses across the country. We found our approach was extremely effective in helping teams navigate change, find their creative flow and work together more effectively, or as we like to call it, become an ensemble. We continue to coach teams through difficult topics to help each individual contribute in building the roadmap for the future and have become recognized innovators in leadership, building team morale and navigating change. 

Ricci and Natalie are Certified Mentors and Trainers with the Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP), which helps them identify and match the perfect candidates to build synergistic teams for their clients. They bring a compassionate and professional perspective to the complex psychology of helping people navigate through rapid change.

Ricci Mann Victorio, MCC, CPCC, CSP is our President and Co-Founder. She has been providing coaching, communication enhancement, leadership & teamwork training programs to family businesses and organizations across the country since 1994. Her laser-like ability to pinpoint challenges, uncover opportunities and coach management teams how to improve their communication, collaboration and effectiveness has created a significant impact on many businesses creating an outcome of higher productivity in a more synergistic way. 

The foundation of Ricci’s down-to-earth approach is based on her previous 25-year career in the Entertainment Industry as a director and innovative acting coach in the art of improvisation. Ms. Victorio is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Creative Agility Programs. She was on the planning team for the International Succession Planning Association and Co-Developer of the online Succession Planning Assessment (SPA) ®. Previously, Ricci was the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the Mosaic Family Business Center in San Francisco, and President of the Rawls Family Business Resource Center in Orlando, FL. Her creative pursuits include being a painter and author/illustrator of children’s fairy tales and YA fantasy books. She is currently writing a YA fantasy trilogy, “The Guardian of the Feywild” and will be releasing “Book One: The Foundling” later in 2024.

Natalie Victorio Lentz, MS OD is a Partner & our research specialist. As a Certified Licensed Associate, Mentor, and Trainer in the PDP Management Programs, Natalie is able to train and build teams accurately and effectively. She received her MS in Applied (Industrial) Psychology Summa Cum Laude from the University of Southern California, and BA with Honors in Humanistic Psychology from Sonoma State University.

Natalie and Ricci work together to help hiring managers, management teams and business owners to deepen their understanding their team and company culture in order to match and retain the right talent for their needs. Her private endeavors include running a busy household with her husband, and two very active and creative young children.

Raymond Victorio, MSOM and is our CFO & Co-Founder. Raymond’s career encompasses a fullness and diversity that includes being a co-founder and co-creator of Victorio and Mann, and Creative Agility, Inc. He brings 25 years of experience in improvisation and performance coaching to the Creative Agility programs an out-of-the-box niche for noticing the truth in the moment. Raymond combines the alchemy of humorous spontaneity, non-judgmental listening and an understanding of wellness. 

His background includes: a successful TCM clinical practice; an Academic Dean for the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco; working with colleges nationally as an accreditation consultant; and serving as a site-visit Team Chair for the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. When he’s not managing our business affairs, Raymond is a published author, who is always working on his next several book projects, loves to play with our grandchildren, and finds pleasure in the garden or the kitchen creating culinary masterpieces.

Bruno, our Lagotto Romagnolo, who is in charge of not taking anything too seriously unless chasing a ball or given a treat!

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