Who needs a Compass? We've got Lifeboats!

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Who needs a Compass? We've got Lifeboats!

When have you ever heard of a Navy Admiral saying to his crew that an impending storm was going to be too intense and unpredictable to develop a strategy for navigating through it successfully? Many business owners feel that they cannot sacrifice this time to develop a strategic plan due to the day-to-day tempests they are dealing with: employee performance, accountability & (dis)engagement, keeping up in the digital marketplace, increased overhead and decreased profitability.

Without the development of a plan, how can you expect your crew to achieve successful deployment? How will your officers (management team) implement successfully to coordinate the crew (staff) and resources (your money) effectively? To use the excuse that it is a waste of time is like waiting until the storm is upon you and ordering your crew overboard, hoping there are enough lifeboats already in the water. (Yes, I'm a Navy Mom!)

Setting aside a couple of days for thinking through the next 365 is a small investment to develop a plan that can navigate through the roughest of seas, provide more opportunities for smooth sailing and even allow for additional reserves for the occasional surprises, rather than leaving everything to chance.

What resources do you need?
A large open room, lots of flip chart-sized post-it notes, markers, sticky notes, all the key players in your organization and a Facilitator to be your Navigator, who can keep you focused, listening to each other, capturing and documenting the creative ideas (good and bad) and most importantly, will not let you leave the room or get distracted by the outside world until the session is finished.

The key to successful strategic planning efforts is to have a facilitator who is committed to holding people accountable, knows how to help people relax and have fun (it is hard to be creative when you are stressed), and is a champion at implementation and follow through.

Victorio Consulting can provide the outside expertise to help you succeed in charting your course and achieve your objectives. Your strategic plan will serve as your compass, to help you navigate through stormy waters to get you to your destination without losing cargo or crew!


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